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NEW Design for 2021, no atmosphere hole needs to be drilled in the reservoir. The regulator gets atmosphere pressure from the Bulldog's receiver end cap.


Please Note: Bulldog Regulators are not Externally Adjustable. We can set the pressure to your specifications before installation.


A VERY BIG SHOUT OUT!!!! To Huub at Huma Air for making us this Custom regulator made specifically for us here at Pitbull Airguns.


The regulator is adjustable ( At Our Shop) from 90 to about 175bar and does an excellent job at keeping the extreme spread very low. My personal Pitbull gets an average of 8 FPS spread over 2 magazines!

Please note that we do not sell these as just a regulator, they can be purchased as a kit only and even then we recommend that they only be installed by a professional airgun tuner. 

We also recommend that these be installed with our longer Extended or Shroud-length reservoirs.


Kit Includes:

1x Custom HUMA Regulator

1x Aluminum Plenum Spacer

Receiver End cap Adaptor

End Cap/Foster Fitting
2x O- Rings


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