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These are some of the Custom Configurations we've put together based on the response from fellow airgunners and customers. We have a good range of options for all types of shooters from the affordable Power Pitbull that will get you started with a new Bulldog, to the kick-ass Pitbull Carbine. 



Q: What if I want to customize one of these awesome packages?
A: No Problem! Just shoot us an email with your ideas and we'd be glad to help.

Q: Can I BYOB-Bring Your Own Bulldog?
A: Yes! If you have your own Bulldog and would like to transform it into a Custom Pitbull, send us an email and we will give you the shipping address. 


Q: How should I ship My Bulldog to Your Shop?

A: We know you want to protect your airguns during shipping, however please DO NOT ship your Bulldog in a hard rifle case. Shipping your rifle in a hard case adds a significant amount of weight during return shipping and we will have to bill you for the increase (up to $45) -and we don't want to do that. 


The best way to ship your Bulldog is to use the original box if you have it, and put that within another box for protection from the elements, over-zealous shipping personnel and from prying eyes who might not agree with your second amendment rights.


DO NOT send your rifle in a soft gun case and slap a shipping label on it. This will in most cases result in theft or rejection of shipment from the carrier. 


Make sure to add insurance when shipping rifles to us for peace of mind to help protect your investment, we do the same when returning it to you.  

Q: When should I call to "check up/get status" on my custom rifle order?
A: You shouldn't.  Unless there has been an end-world event asteroid strike, alien invasion or Second Coming. We know you're excited to get a new Pitbull Airgun, and we build them with meticulous care and craftsmanship. Calling us to ask about the status will delay your order anywhere from 24-196 Hours. (just kidding...but are we?) 

Q: What if I get curious or just want to take my new custom Pitbull apart for the heck of it or change something?

A: We will gladly reassemble your new Pitbull for a $350 bench fee, plus any missing or damaged parts. You will also have to pay the shipping to and from our workshop. 


Warranty Information

Parts & Accessories:

Parts and accessories for your Benjamin Bulldog, including moderators:

Within 10 days of receiving your product(s) you may return them for a full refund, provided they have not been installed on your Bulldog and or modified, damaged or otherwise altered in any way. 

Our products have a Lifetime Guarantee for full replacement under the condition of any defects in the original manufacturing process. Damage through misuse, natural wear and tear, alteration or modification is not covered. We stand by our products and our goal is to satisfy our customers and fellow airgunners. 

Custom Benjamin Bulldogs:

Modifications on new and used Bulldogs are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 2 years. Customers should retain the original sales receipt as record of date of purchase. This warranty does not cover gun sights, optical sights (rifles scopes, lasers, and red dot sights), slings and/or other accessories. In the event of a defect under this warranty, Pitbull Airguns will, at its option, repair or replace the product; provided, however, its inspection indicates that an original defect exists. Pitbull Airguns reserves the right to replace any product which is no longer available with a product of comparable value and function. If we determine the repair is not covered under the warranty guidelines, there could be a charge to you for the repair.

What is Covered:

  • Parts and Repair of any workshop defect of material or workmanship.

  • Transportation charges to consumer for the repaired product and/or replacement product.

What is Not Covered:

  • Transportation charges to our shop for defective product.

  • Normal wear and tear from regular use.

  • Multiple bullets in barrel

  • Damaged parts as a result from misuse, neglect or tampering.

  • Damage caused by dry-fire, abuse, modification or failure to perform normal maintenance

  • Improper installation or maintenance performed by someone other than Pitbull Airguns

  • Any other expense

All sales are final. 

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