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357 & 457 Performance Trigger Kits

Link: Intstallation Video on YouTube


These Parts are Compatible with the .357 & .457 Benjamin Bulldog


Transform Your Stock Bulldog Trigger Unit into a Pitbull Performer, return Your Core Components for a $10 Cash Rebate and Save $$ !

Now you can have the same performance trigger that's included in our Pitbull Custom Tune in a DIY Kit!

The stock trigger group on the Benjamin Bulldog is not only heavy (3.5-4lbs!) it also has lots of first stage stiffness and second stage drag. The parts are inconsistently manufactured with differing hard-metal finishes that can affect your overall accuracy and shooter experience behind the trigger. 

We've found that through careful and meticulous grinding, mirror polishing and by changing the geometry of the group we can transform the Bulldog's trigger into a competition worthy part of your rifle. Our Pitbull Performance Trigger Kits come ready to be dropped into your Bulldog and are available in three custom configurations:


  • Hunter Style: Slightly heavier first stage, super smooth but slightly longer second stage travel and a very crisp let off (or break). Accuracy and hunter safety in the field are top priorities.
  • Competition Trigger: Shorter and lighter first stage travel with a smooth Sear Link roll-off to the shorter second stage combined with a very crisp let-off from the Sear Hammer. Careful adjustments to the Sear Spring make for a light trigger weight.
  • Sportsman: Split the difference between the Hunter Style and Competition Trigger, and you have the Sportsman. Adjustments are made to the Sear Spring, Lower Sear and Sear Hammer giving you the best combination of both, whether in the field or at the bench.


Once you receive and install your new Pitbull Trigger Kit just drop the stock core components in the mail, send them back to us and we will refund you $10!

The Pitbull Performance Trigger Kit Contains:


  • (1) Sear Link
  • (1) Sear Hammer
  • (1) Lower Sear
  • (1) Sear Spring
  • Texas Trigger Sauce

357 & 457 Performance Trigger Kits

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