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Our Pitbull Custom Tune will transform your Benjamin Bulldog into a hard-hitting, accurate and crazy fun to shoot big bore air rifle. Depending on your preferrence and configuration we can tune your rifle from stock power to approximately 250-300 FPE. There's plenty of custom parts to add to your Tune Package on our website! Just ship your Bulldog to our shop, or purchase a brand NEW one from us. Black synthetic stock version only.

Be sure to Contact Us with questions or specific work orders, we'd love to hear from you!

The Pitbull Custom Tune Includes:

Transfer Port Power Modding (Increases transfer port sizes in the Valve, Action, receiver end cap and Barrel)

Pitbull Power Spring

High Performance Breech O-Ring
Hammer Polishing/Hammer Spring Adjusting
Full Lubrication on necessary parts
Tuning/Testing/Adjusting (Velocity, power)


Triggers Explained:

  • Hunter Style:
    Slightly heavier first stage, super smooth but slightly longer second stage travel and a very crisp let off (or break). Accuracy and hunter safety in the field are top priorities.


  • Competition Trigger:
    Shorter and lighter first stage travel with a smooth Sear Link roll-off to the shorter second stage combined with a very crisp let-off from the Sear Hammer. Careful adjustments to the Sear Spring make for a light trigger weight.
  • Sportsman:
    Split the difference between the Hunter Style and Competition Trigger, and you have the Sportsman. Adjustments are made to the Sear Spring, Lower Sear and Sear Hammer giving you the best combination of both, whether in the field or at the bench.


PrixÀ partir de 450,00$
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