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MEGA MODERATOR 357(For the Original Bulldogs)

If You Have One of the New Magnum Bulldogs, CLICK HERE to Purchase the MEGA MAGNUM MODERATOR M3



Not Compatible with Extended or Shroud-length Reservoirs. For those with Shroud Length Reservoirs, use the Mega Magnum M3 Sold Here



WARNING: Our moderators are not for use with air bolts, arrows or any other projectile other than lead airgun ammo



All Pitbull Moderators are Now Available in Bulldog Black or Realtree® Xtra Vinyl Wrap by 3M®. Repairable, Removable and Replaceable. 


OK folks, you asked for it so we made it. The Ultimate in sound moderation for your Benjamin Bulldog!

Where the Short Moderator makes the Bulldog safe to shoot without ear protection and the Long makes it backyard Friendly, The Mega makes it indoors friendly. We are still waiting on a calm enough day to test it with the Decibel meter, because it's so quiet our meter can't hear it over the normal west Texas wind. We are estimating that it will be in the low 80s.

The sleek design matches the shape of the stock all the way forward for cool look that finishes out the gun. You will loose the factory accessory rail but we will include a replacement MOE rail with 11 slots that attaches to the bottom of the rifle.

You still get the barrel support and internal baffles of the short, plus the 7 extra baffles of the long. But now with the added capacity to capture the air coming off those external baffles the bark of the Rifle is almost gone. So much so that almost all that you will hear when firing the gun is the Hammer striking the valve inside the action. 


This moderator is for AIRGUN USE ONLY. Pitbull Airguns is not responsible for the illegal or improper use of this product. It is the user's responsibility to fully understand and implement the proper use of this product to ensure safety. Improper or illegal use of this product can cause serious damage to not only the user and host firearm, but to other individuals as well. Pitbull Airguns is not responsible for improper use and the user should fully understand the safety measures of this product before using.

MEGA MODERATOR 357(For the Original Bulldogs)

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