Long Moderator Extended Reservoir Compatible
**RESTRICTIONS: We will NOT ship any of our moderators to New Jersey.

There is currently a 1-2 week back order on all moderators. 

All Pitbull Moderators are Now Available in Bulldog Black or Realtree® Xtra Vinyl Wrap by 3M®. Repairable, Removable and Replaceable. 
NEW & Improved!Our New in-house SLS Printer technology from Sintratec creates parts that has significantly more tensile strength and is resistent to higher temperatures than PLA filament.
This the Pitbull Moderator. It will replace the factory end cap and internal barrel support of your Benjamin Bulldog. The Moderator is designed to do several jobs: 
	It will support the end of the barrel correctly and in doing so will improve accuracy of the rifle.
	Secondly, it will collect most of the lead dust the gun creates from the friction of the bullet traveling down the barrel. 
	Finally, It will Add about 85mm to the length of the gun but in turn will reduce the report of the rifle about 10 to 15 db. Making it safe for the shooter to go without hearing protection.

Long Moderator Extended Reservoir Compatible

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