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Guard Dog 357 Carbine Package

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NOTE: Due to supply issues, the Emperor moderator is not included with the Guard Dog at this time


The Pitbull Guard Dog Carbine is a complete ready-to-shoot package, perfect for protecting that hen house from pesky predators, or taking down trophy whitetail in season.  This package includes the following:


  • Brand New .357 Cal Benjamin Bulldog (Black)
  • Lothar Walther barrel
  • Pitbull Carbine Modifications
  • Barrel Supports
  • Pitbull Power Spring
  • DePinger
  • Picattiny Bipod Rail
  • Transfer Port Power Modding (260Ft Lbs avg.)
  • Trigger Polishing & Tuning (Sportsman Trigger Tuned)
  • Barrel Cleaning/Crowning & Lapping
  • Hammer Polishing/Hammer Spring Adjusting
  • Full Lubrication on necessary parts
  • Velocity Tuning/Adjusting


Optics & Extras


  • Ohhunt Riflescope 4x32 Scope  Green Fiber Illuminated Sight Scope
  • LED Tactical Flashlights with Picatinny Mount, 1600LM Bright 5 Modes Opreated Flashlight with USB Rechargeable Batteries, Remote Pressure Switch
  • UTG Super Duty Bi-pod with QD Lever Mount, Height 6.0"- 8.5"
  • Bulldog Cases Extreme Tactical Rifle Case with Additional Magazine Pouches Assault Rifle case with Exterior Zipper Pouch
  • Pitbull HP 160 gr. Hollow Points (50)
  • 2X Modded Magazines
  • Swab-Its Cleaning Swabs
  • Single Shot Tray
  • Includes Flat Fee  Shipping, insured except Hawaii is EXTRA.

Guard Dog 357 Carbine Package

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