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Extended Reservoir

Limited Stock


*NOTE: Due to the price increase of raw material for our reservoirs, we had to unfortunately raise our prices on reservoirs. 


Whats included:

  • 1 x Extended Reservoir
  • 1x AirBow Endcap assembly with 5000psi Gauge

    *NOTE: The Fill Probe is not included with the Extended Reservoir, but is included when a HUMA Regulator/Extended Reservoir are purchased together. Fill Probes are available seperately for $30.


This is the Extended Reservoir that everyone has been waiting for. It's long enough to give you just a tad over 500CC of air when including the volume in the receiver. Over all length makes it about 3.5" longer than the original Length of the gun, and with the optional Long Compatible Moderator it is the same length as the moderator. They are not drilled with an atmosphere hole for a Regulator because some people might not want the regulator. But if you want me to drill it for you I will do it for you if you buy the Regulator kit at the same time.

Please note that the standard Moderators will not fit with this Extended reservoir but they are available. So if you order a moderator make sure that you get the correct one that is listed to go with the Extended Reservoir. I will give you credit towards the new moderator if you send your old one back.

These are made from Certified 2024 Aluminum with a .125" wall thickness. This is much stronger than the material used in the factory reservoirs and i have tested my gun to 10,000 psi.

But please understand that I am not a Certified pressure vessel tester and I cannot tell you what pressure that these are safe to fill to. That is your decision! Just because Ataman, EBBA and myself fill our rifles to 4500PSI does not mean that I can recommend that you do the same.



Extended Reservoir

PrixÀ partir de 335,00$
Expected to ship March 2024
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