RTS MEGA Pitbull (Ready to Ship TODAY))

Our MOST Quiet Pitbull! Only ONE Available


When you want to keep it more compact but also want increased power & stealth, we offer our MEGA Pitbull .357 caliber rifle. This configuration retains the stock reservoir and includes a brand new .357 cal Benjamin Bulldog, the famous MEGA Moderator, our full Custom Power Tune, Pitbull DePinger and more!

BONUS: Includes bag of 50 count bag of Pitbull HP Hollowpoints, 2 of Matt's Modded Magazines, a Single Shot Tray, and a Steel Charging Handle! a $185.00 Value!

This deal won't last long, first come first sold!



What You Get:

  • Brand New Benjamin Bulldog, Black
  • Our Famous MEGA Moderator
  • 2 Matt's Modded Magazine
  • Pitbull HP Hollow Point Bullets (50)
  • Barrel Supports
  • Pitbull Power Spring
  • Barrel Polishing
  • Cocker Spaniel Steel Charging Handle
  • DePinger
  • Transfer Port Power Modding (250 Ft Lbs avg.)
  • Trigger Polished and Tuned (Sportsman Configuration)
  •  Includes Flat Fee Shipping, insured


RTS MEGA Pitbull (Ready to Ship TODAY))

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