The Ultimate Regulated Pitbull
10-12 weeks for Delivery due to COVID19 Shipment Delays from Benjamin
When you want to increase accuracy and shot count this is the .357 caliber Pitbull airgun you need! We start with a brand new Benjamin Bulldog to create a custom Big Bore rifle just for you.  
Details:With our extended reservoir and HUMA regulator, you can expect about 12 regulated, consistent velocity shots on a 4500 PSI fill up. This build includes the Custom Power Tune that increases the stock power to approximately 225 Ft Lbs at the muzzle. We can set the HUMA regulator for any power level you'd like up to the maximum of about 175 BAR. You can always increase or decrease your shot count by adjusting the hammer spring tension. On our personal Pitbulls, we can get 15 regulated shots by carefully adjusting the Bulldog's power.
Keep it Stock Power and Get Even More Shots!We can still dig deep into your Bulldog and tune it up without increasing the transfer port size. In this configuration we expect you can get 20 regulated shots if you're a bit more conservative with the hammer spring adjustment. This would be great for game such as rabbit, squirrel, small hogs etc. Lower velocity is perfect when using Diabolo pellets such as the 88 grain 35 cal JSB. 
What You Get: 
	New Benjamin Bulldog (Black)
	Extended Reservoir
	HUMA Regulator
	LONG Moderator
	Barrel Supports
	Picattiny Bipod Rail
	Transfer Port Power Modding
	Trigger Polishing & Tuning (to your pull-weight preferences)
	Barrel Crowning
	Barrel Lapping/Cleaning
	Hammer Polishing/Hammer Spring Adjusting
	Full Lubrication on necessary parts
	Velocity Tuning/Adjusting
	Price Includes Flat Fee Return Shipping, insured

We include our LONG Compatible moderator for increased stealth and to complete the extended look of your new Pitbull. We don't currently offer a compatible MEGA moderator for extended reservoirs. You won't need our famous DePinger to take the twang out of your Bulldog, since the HUMA regulator installed in the reservoir does the trick. This build includes Barrel Supports to help increase accuracy and reduce harmonics, and a Picattiny rail for bipods and accessories.*Optics NOT Included, 4-8 weeks for delivery
Typical Results using 142 gr. NSA Bullets: (Results Will Vary) 
   StartingPSI: 3500|  Shot  |  Velocity  |  Ft/Lbs e     1         841            223
     2         828            216
     3         837            221
     4         832            218
     5         828            216
     6         825            214
     7         818            211
     8         820            212
     9         825            215
    10        825            215
    11        814            208


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